First GEOMAN e:line in Operation

First GEOMAN e:line in Operation ~ 07/06/2019

The new GEOMAN e:line series was developed with a special focus on profitability: Short make-ready times and efficient inline control systems for automated quality control during production make the press ideal for medium-sized printing houses like Siegener Zeitung. Furthermore the GEOMAN e:line is characterized by low overall investment costs and low operating expenses during its long lifespan.

With its high-quality coldset inking units and folding performance, the GEOMAN e:line stands for excellent production quality and reliability. The cylinder arrangement of the press enables parallel upgrading, high speed, and uncompromising printing quality with low start-up waste. The IDCµ ink density control system from manroland Goss, especially developed for newspaper presses, ensures consistently superior production, with low waste and long-term consistency for operating personnel.

Besides an attractive price-to-performance ratio, the GEOMAN e:line’s customized equipment configuration is of paramount value to The Siegener Zeitung. Having a flexible printing press that can meet all requirements is particularly important, especially when producing 4 local editions 6 days a week with a daily circulation of up to 50,000 copies. The newspapers Siegerländer and Sauerländer Wochenanzeiger run twice a week from the operation at The Siegener Zeitung, with a total weekly circulation of 370,000 copies. Additionally, the publication and printing of 5 telephone books and the production of various brochure supplements (some in special formats such as Super-Panorama) create a demand for format flexibility.

”Thanks to the high performance of the GEOMAN e:line, production with two sections is now much more economical with only one section. In addition to excellent printing quality, customers can also benefit from advantages such as energy savings and minimal waste with the e:line," explains Wolfgang Hiesinger – Product Manager at manroland Goss.

The addition of the first GEOMAN e:line to Sigener Zeitung creates the opportunity for manroland Goss to become a reliable partner, offering the Company’s full range of technological advances in efficiencies, production flexibility, and scalability for future needs in newspaper printing.

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