Turkey’s First Commercial and Color Continuous Production Press

Turkey’s First Commercial and Color Continuous Production Press ~ 28/07/2020
Bizim Dijital Family broke ground in the Turkish commercial printing industry with this investment.

One of the most established printing companies of Turkey, known with its commitment to digital printing, Bizim Dijital broke ground in Turkey with its Screen Truepress Jet 520 NX continuous digital inkjet printing machine investment in November.

Bizim Digital’s General Manager Burak Bulun explains that they decided on Screen Truepress Jet 520 NX after a long process of careful and painstaking research: “We believe that future lies in digitalization. Bizim Dijital Family broke ground in the Turkish commercial printing industry with this investment. We met with all manufacturers in the last seven years and discussed available options. We participated in all fairs and events for digital printing. And finally, we decided to purchase Screen Truepress Jet 520 NX, for its total production capacity, reasonable printing costs and smooth operation that do not require maintenance. For more than 1,5 years, we have been serving our customers with a capacity of more than 2 million colored A4 images a day. The experience we gained in the process showed that we made the right decision.”  

Production must be uninterrupted

Bulun said that the most important criteria in their decision was printing quality and non-stop production and explained that thanks to Screen TPJ 520 NX and Hunkeler finishing equipment, they reached that goal. He added that high-end products hardly broke down and on rare occasions they do, the fast and efficient after-sale service was extremely important.   

Uninterrupted supply and logistics

“Some days, we have to be extremely quick in meeting the demands of our customers. Add to that, orders that come one after another, which you have to produce on time and with highest quality regardless of how busy you might be; things get challenging. Elektroser was incredible in their after sales service, consumables and spare part support for the past two years. During the Covid pandemic, many supply chains and logistic systems suffered. But Elektroser supported us nevertheless and allowed us to achieve our daily volume targets, and to continue production without being affected by the pandemic.”  

Order portal successfully in place

Bizim Dijital, number one digital printer choice of especially educational publications, now offers a unique digital printing experience with its portal www.kitapbastir.com. Publishers print their books and other jobs on this portal and save time and get to choose the print quantity. This flexibility minimizes the distribution, storage costs of the publishers as well as the returns. This system also allows the publishers to print their books with reasonable prices.  

“Bizim Dijital is an important reference for us”

Öncü Güyer, the General Manager of Elektroser Group of Companies that carried out the project with Bizim Dijital talked about their cooperation and said: “We have been discussing investing in a continuousne inkjet digital printing machine with Bizim Dijital for a long time now. And eventually, we decided on Screen’s TPJ 520 NX, which is the company’s first European sales. This way we also showed the world that Turkey will adapt to innovations fast.” Güyer added that the biggest goal of Elektroser is offering non-stop and specialized technical service, spare part and consumable support to their customers and that Bizim Dijital would be a great reference for them in the future.  

Bizim Dijital Matbacılık: Bizim Dijital Matbaacılık has been offering information technologies services since 1985 and began offering desktop publishing services in 1992. The company kept pace with the developments in world standards and specialized in digital printing. With new investments in 2011, the company became one of the top companies of Turkey to offer small quantity book printing. Using state-of-the-art technology in digital printing, Bizim Dijital is committed to offering high quality, fast and cost-efficient services to its customers. Especially after its investments made in 2018, it became the biggest digital printing company of Turkey. The company launched bizimajans.com in 2020 and is swiftly becoming the preferred online digital printing center for many companies, individuals and agencies.  The company has printing facilities in Ankara and Konya and offices in Ankara, İstanbul and İzmir. Bizim Dijital, the biggest digital company of Turkey, continues to grow with franchising system.

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